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Cubs District Scrap Heap Challenge

You and your cub pack has been invited to participate in the latest virtual district cubs competition based around the Scrapheap Challenge.

This district competition will involve the cubs testing their Creative Skills to build the best themed model that they can, with the winning cubs going ahead to firstly represent their cub packs’ in the district (Eastleigh) final and then if they are successful in this, then they will have the opportunity to represent the district at the county (Hampshire) final. 

There will also be prizes presented to the winner and runner up. 

For the cubs to have an opportunity to participate in the district final, firstly they will need to be involved in the first round. 

The first round of the competition can be completed at home, using only recycled materials, resources and junk; as well as sticky tape and glue to construct. 

The theme of this round is: MY FAVOURITE SCOUTING MEMORY. 

The cubs will have to build a model based around this theme and make it as unique and as personal to them. 

We will be looking for the following: 

  • Most Creative, 
  • Most Identifiable, 
  • Most Imaginative, 
  • Most Independent, 
  • Most Resourceful.

To enter this district cub competition; a picture or pictures of their model entry will need to be sent to the following email address: Andy.dear@eastleigh-scouts.org.uk  
As well as the following details:

  • With the following information: 
  • Name of Cub (first name and surname), 
  • The cub’s Age, 
  • Cub Pack (1st, 4th, 7th, 8th Monday, 8th Tuesday, 12th Thursday, 12th Friday, 13th, 14th).  
  • In the subject box insert: “Eastleigh District Cubs Virtual Scrapheap Challenge”. When you send the email entry, could you also “cc” your section leader/ cub pack as well. 

​All entries for this competition will need to be sent to the email address above by: Saturday 10th October 2020.
​A confirmation email will be sent to confirm when an entry is received.
Are Eastleigh Cubs Ready for a Challenge!
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to seeing how successful and creative Eastleigh District Cubs can be.

Yours in ScoutingThe Eastleigh District Cubs Leadership Team

Andy, Andrew and Alan