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Group AGM Video

For those who missed the AGM, a video of the full Zoom meeting is now available to watch at https://12theastleighscouts.org/group-agm/ , this page also contains all the reports submitted for the AGM.

Group AGM Today

The Group AGM will take place via Zoom this evening at 7.30pm.

Please click HERE to get full details of how to join the meeting, and the documents available to download, for review, ahead of the start of the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM

#Challenge4 Is Back

Group AGM 2020

Our Group AGM has been booked in for 19.30 on 28th October 2020.

Full details of the meeting are available HERE, along with all documentation for the meeting

Eastleigh Scout Shop Open Again

Over the past few weeks scouting in Eastleigh has begun to come out in to the open again, albeit slowly and with small steps.

The Scout Shop has received many requests for uniform recently as our young people are about to move up to a new section. This is great news as after such a long lockdown scouting is clearly still here and eager to get active again.

The Scout Shop Team have therefore decided to re-open the Shop again. Our opening times will be from 1.00pm to 5.00pm on Saturdays only. We will not be open on Thursdays until further notice. Hence the extended Saturday opening times.

JOTI 2020

JOTI, or Jamboree On The Internet, is an annual event where all members of Scouting can get involved, regardless of age. The aim of this event is to facilitate communication between members of the Scouting family world wide.

This is one of the largest annual Scouting events in the world, and really helps to build a sense of brotherhood and Scouting without boundaries.

This year, the Eastleigh District Cubs team are encouraging all Cubs to take part in this event, from the safety of their own homes, following the successful trial run, in 2019, involving 3 packs working together over 2 huts.

However, this is not just something we want to encourage our Cubs to take part in, but all members of the 12th Eastleigh, from the youngest Beaver, to the eldest Leader.

Full details can be found HERE, and using the log sheet posted on the page, we will be able to create a map showing all the places our members have reached, and publish it here for all to see.

District Cubs Scrapheap Challenge

Cubs, please remember the deadline is tomorrow to send in your entries for the Scrapheap Challenge.

Full details of how to enter can be found HERE

Given that any Cubs who attend Stoke Park Juniors are on an inset day, this is the perfect way to fill your afternoon!

Lost Beaver!

Wednesday Beavers – has anybody got Echo the beaver at home ?

Social Media Updates

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We are doing this to allow you to keep up to date on new content and information, being added to the website, through your favorite social media feed.

Currently, this includes both our public page and private group on Facebook, as well as our public feeds on Twitter and Tumblr.

Scouts Gold Award Expedition

A bit of a damp expedition challenge hike in the new forest on Saturday 3rd October. Despite the rain all went well including a good fire to cook dinner on even though all the wood was soaking wet. Well done all of you