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District Cubs Football Competition 2022

A massive well done to all of the Cubs, from the Wolf Pack and Big Cats Cubs, who took part in the District Cubs Football Competition this weekend.

All Cubs showed great sportsmanship, and all had a great afternoon.

The 12th Eastleigh Cubs teams came 3rd & 4th, with the 14th Eastleigh Winning for this year, and the 7th Eastleigh coming 2nd.

A special mention goes out to Alyssa, Phoebe & Lilia from the Wolf Pack Cubs, who joined forces with cubs from the 14th, 7th and 13th Eastleigh, to represent the 13th Eastleigh, as the first ever all girls team (pictured below).
Although they finished last, having never played together before, they worked well as a team, and gave it their all.