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District Cubs Football

This year the district cubs 6-a-side football competition is scheduled for Saturday 14th March 2020; from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Cubs will be able to arrive from 2:45pm.

It will be at the football cages located at Places Leisure (formally Fleming Park), Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh, SO50 9NL.

We advise that all participants arrive wearing their 12th Eastleigh polo shirts, trainers and jogging bottoms or shorts. We also advise that all cubs bring a drink with them .

Each Cub Pack is allowed to enter 1 team of 6 players and 2 substitutes, any additional players will be used to fill gaps in packs who are unable to field a full team, this ensures all cubs attending get to play.

If your cub would like to take part, please inform their leader by Saturday 7th March 2020


  1. The Laws of the game, except where otherwise stated shall apply.
  2. Six-a-side shall compete; if groups have substitutes, they must be used during
    half term. No substitutions to be made during playing time; unless a player gets
    injured and cannot continue.
  3. The duration of each match will be 6 minutes (3 minutes each way).
  4. Players are advised to wear shin-pads and footwear suitable for Astroturf – No
    Metal Studs or Blades to be worn.
  5. There is no kick-off, the Referee will drop the ball in the centre of the pitch.
  6. There is no offside and no throw ins and all Free-kicks must go forward
  7. The goalkeeper shall not handle the ball outside his 6-yard area. Penalty
    kick shall be awarded.
  8. No swearing, bad language or unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated
    and may result in participants not being invited to participate in the competition.
  9. A Referee shall be appointed to each match and his decision will be final
    on points of play.
  10. When a goal is scored, the goalkeeper who conceded will restart with a goal
    kick. Goal kicks can be taken anywhere within the box and no other players will
    be allowed in the box while the kick is taken