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#Skills4Life Videos

The idea is to get members of all of our sections to create videos of themselves teaching/demonstrating scouting skills. These videos will then be placed on our YouTube channel for others tower and learn from.

Each video should include just 1 skills, with The beaver/cub/scout, in uniform, introducing themselves, which section they are with, and the skill they are demonstrating.

Videos should last no more than 10 – 15 minutes (or 500MB per video), and give clear, easy to follow, instructions to accompany the actions being shown. Each video will also be passed to the relevant section leader, to be assessed for any badge criteria it may cover.

Skills shown could include any scouting skill, such as fire lighting, tying a knot (1 knot per video please), resitting the law or promise of their section, pitching a tent, even sewing badges onto a uniform, or any other scouting skill you can think of.

We have to insist that the video is uploaded by a parent/legal guardian of the young person, and not the young person themselves, as permission must be given for us to display the video.

    I agree to this video being displayed publicly on the 12th Eastleigh Scout Groups YouTube Channel, this website, and other Social Media outlets used by the 12th Eastleigh Scout Group

    I confirm I am over the age of 18 years old, and am the parent or legal guardian of the young person named above