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St Georges Day Parade

This is an annual District event, and all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers/Young Leaders and Leaders are requested to be in attendance for this parade.

This year the 12th Eastleigh have the honor of leading the parade, so we really would love to see a big turn out from all sections. Those attending should be in full, smart uniform, no trainers or polo shirts allowed

Starting in front of Sainsburys on Leigh Road in Eastleigh Town Center at 9.30am on Sunday 26th April, the parade will progress down Market Street towards the Swan Center, turning right along Wells Place, and then up High Street and onto the park. The parade will finish at the band stand, where the District Leaders will give a quick speech about upcoming events, followed by a short non-denominational service by the District Chaplin.

We recommend all attending should have a carrier bag concealed in their pockets, to sit on for the final part of the event, at the band stand

St Georges Day Parade 2019