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Wolf Pack Cubs Easter Camp

Friday 15th April 2022 – Monday 18th April 2022

This is an annual camp where we take Wolf Pack members, and a couple of Scouts, for a weekend of woodland camping.  

The activities for this weekend will include the following

  • Fire lighting – Cubs will be taught a number of fire lighting techniques including flint & steal, bow drill, fire by friction, and solar ignition, as well as being taught how to properly create tinder and kindling
  • Axe Work – Bear will teach the cubs how to safely use and maintain an axe, this will include log splitting and creation of kindling
  • Frisbee Golf – A favorite game from last years camp will return this year, the aim is to get a Frisbee into baskets on a pre-set course, using Golf scoring
  • Go-karting – A new activity for this years Easter Camp, we will be taking advantage of the carting facilities that the camp site has to offer
  • Orienteering – This is good old fashioned scouting at its best, the cubs work in pairs with a map & compass to navigate way points around the camp site
  • Nature Trail – Following a set walking route, the cubs will learn to identify different plants, trees and animals
  • Camp Fire Cooking – A staple of our Easter Camp, everything is cooked on an open fire, with the cubs taught the skills needed to be able to help prepare a meal safely
  • Survival Skills – Another much loved range of activities from last years camp, this will help teach the cubs how to safely eat insects & grubs (optional), how to boil water using a plastic bottle, and many other skills
  • Wood Carving – The cubs will find their own stave, and spend time in the evenings learning how to carve patterns onto it
  • Camp Fire Maintenance – The fire is lit as the camp opens, and is not extinguished until the camp closes, the cubs will be taught how to safely manage and keep a fire going
  • Tent Pitching & Striking – On Easter Camp cubs pitch their own tents, are responsible for keeping the in an orderly state, and striking them at the end of the camp
  • Camp Etiquette – The unspoken rules of any campsite, knowing these few simple things will prevent any upset or embarrassment while camping   

Our Easter camps allow us to get to know each individual cub a lot better, and work to bring out the best in them by helping to boost their confidence, teaching them skills they will use throughout the rest of their Scouting life, and helping them to forge a closer bond and team ethic with their fellow pack member.

This year for the 1st time, our Easter Camp will cover 3 Nights Away, meaning all those who attend will have covered the Nights Away required for their Chief Scouts Silver Award (the highest award achievable in Cubs), as well as covering off criteria for many other Activity and Challenge Badges (6 Challenge Badges are required to earn the Silver Award)

Attached are a copy of the permission form, camp activity programme, and kit list.  

If your cub would like to take part in this camp, then return a signed permission form and health form (attached below) and £10 deposit per cub by 3rd February 2022, the balance of the fee must be paid by 7th April 2022.  

We do not want the cost of this camp to be the only reason a cub does not attend, please speak to a leader if this is the case, and we will do all we can to help with this

Risk Assessments for all activities and the Camp Site can be found HERE